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Sunday, January 19, 2014

WDDE radio covers my announcement of candidacy . . . and tells Joe Miro

There is a certain irony in being a Libertarian candidate whose press release is only picked up by an NPR station.

But I'll take it.

Here's how WDDE radio presented my announcement:
A new candidate is challenging a long time State Representative for his seat in Delaware’s 22nd District. 
Delaware State University Professor of History and Political Science Steve Newton announced his candidacy for Representative of the 22nd District earlier this month. The seat, which covers the Pike Creek Valley, is currently held by Republican Joseph Miro. 
Newton, who is running as a Libertarian, says he choose to run to bring a stronger legislative focus to public service. He says the legislature currently spends on corporate welfare while cutting civil services. 
Delaware does not currently have any elected Libertarian legislators, but Newton says that he’s more comfortable running under that banner than as a Democrat . 
“I have railed against the insurance commissioner. I have disagreed severely with Governor Markell on a lot of his education policies,” said Newton. “I said, to be perfectly honest, can I legitimately align myself with a party that I criticize so heavily?” 
Although Newton does not have any political experience, he has served in the military as well as in several state appointed education and health commissions and task forces.
“I’ve been working with a lot these issues in Delaware for the past 20 years and I thought I’m tired of working on commissions and task forces and hearing things and recommendations not followed and I guess it’s time to get into the game,” said Newton.
“My theory is that you don’t have to be in politics to have made a significant contribution to public service.” 
State Rep. Miro has held the 22nd district seat since 1998. He says he welcomes the competition.
One correction:  "no political experience" slightly off the mark.  I've been an elected union president for six years, and managed (sometimes successfully, too!) campaigns for school board candidates and even folks running for statewide officer.  Not to mention that I'm New Castle County Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware.

The second note is that last sentence:  I'm sure Joe Miro DOES welcome a third party candidate.

Conventional wisdom says that's the best news an incumbent can get.  Keep believing that, Joe.

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