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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The simplest question of the day to answer ...

Now, of course you can read this question two ways--but either way it is still simple to answer:

Reading ONE:  Lawmakers ask why the Bloom surcharge has risen so high?

Simple answer:  Because, like Nancy Pelosi, they apparently weren't paying attention when the original deal went through.

Reading TWO:  Lawmakers ask why Delaware's government was stupid enough to buy a pig in this particular poke?

Simple answer:  Because no matter what stupid stuff they do, people are still convinced that voting for Democrats and Republicans actually represents a choice, so there is no real electoral accountability for our politicians.

Here:  think about this--

If a similar surcharge, averaging say $2.5 million per month since mid-2011 had been in place, we'd have already raised $75 million of the $100 million that Governor Markell claims is necessary to clean up pollution in Delaware's waterways instead of funding a plant that might might MIGHT someday employ 80 people.

I'm not necessarily advocating such a surcharge or tax, because, as I have written before, there are other ways to find the money for critical environmental and infrastructure projects.

What I am pointing out is that our legislators and our Governor and our "economic development" people NEVER EVEN HAD THE CONVERSATION about whether or not this was the right priority to make you spend millions of your own money on before they did it.

And now, like they aren't culpable for these inane decisions, they're asking why.

You could save a lot A LOT A LOT of money and still get things done if you just help me get to Dover to change this particular conversation.

Feel free to donate at right--or settle back this November and vote the same people back in to do the same stupid stuff next time.

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