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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Breaking! DE DOE wipes out child poverty!

There have been rumblings of this across the blogging community, but I finally found the DE DOE info-graphic that proves it:  Secretary of Education Mark Murphy has found the key to eliminating poverty as an element in public education ...

Just re-define it.

First, take a look at the amazing drop in poverty seen in Delaware schools this year:
WOW!! DOUBLE WOW!!  22,967 Delaware children escaped poverty this year!!!

That's a 19.5% drop in low income children!!! Amazing!!! Secretary Murphy for President!!!

Well, don't let a little thing called FACTS deter the Delaware Department of Education. Secretary Murphy's people understand that in order to control the conversation you have to control the definition of the terms.

So they changed the definition of "low income" to wipe poverty as a factor in school performance.

Here's the evidence:
In plain English, being on Medicaid or qualifying for Free or Reduced Lunch no longer identifies children as being "low income."

In case you're wondering, the Federal Government did not create this requirement. Indeed, here is the Federal definition of "low income" for educational purposes (from the US DOE):

So while the Federal Government would automatically conclude that any child qualifying for Medicaid was "low income," the DE DOE says, "No Way!"

This is simply unacceptable.  And the fact that the bureaucrats are getting away with it without being generally called on it is also unacceptable on our part.

It's truly time for some changes in Dover.

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